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Cee Bailey or ZTechnik for Winter?


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I kept the stock shield on the RT but coming to "winter" here in Georgia why do you prefer the shield you have?


I like that the cee-bailey can be ordered wider than stock, I am not overly worried about height and may even order shorter than stock but wider. For those who ordered a wide one, just how wide did you go? Would you have gone narrower or wider?


I had a ztech on my 05 and thought it was OK but wanted to see what others thought about mild winter riding...


Mild as in, if there is a chance of ice it stays parked - that is what a Miata is for - driving top with ice on the roads.

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I have both V-stream and Cee Bailey, the CB being widest-tallest available. I am 6'0" with 31" inseam. They both work very well in cold weather but the CB has a little more protection, but it must be raised higher than the VStream in order to get it. They are both very good shields for the RT.

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Here in north Tejas, the CalSci "medium" works quite well for me during the cooler months. (It works SO well in fact, that I have to switch back to the stock screen to get more air flow for our "warm-ish" summers. :P )

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OK, what I am experiencing with the BMW shield is wind hitting my biceps and shoulders, I figured wider would alleviate that.


Would the ztech be the best overall? This is on a factory lowered BMW - so I already sit lower relative to the windshield as is

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