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Haight-Ashbury San Francisco Question


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We will be going up Hwy 1 through San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. I was asked if the Haight-Ashbury District is nearby. I see on the map that it is only a couple of miles from Hwy 1. Is it easily accessible? I don't want to go over some of the big hills in San Francisco or get stuck in big traffic. Would you recommend it as an easy ecursion from Hwy 1?




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1 North to Lincoln Ave (GG Park), West on Lincoln , North on Ashbury to Haight.


Be aware this is a congested area at lunch time, so plan to stay and have lunch. :grin:


You'll have a good time, but be patient with parking and ALWAYS load the meters. :dopeslap:


Oops, my bad....it's flat there!



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One thing to be aware of is that the Bay Bridge will be closed starting 8:00PM today (9/3) and will remain closed through the Labor Day weekend.

The other bridges will have increased traffic as a result...

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OMG, why are they closing the MAJOR Bay Bridge on a Holiday Weekend? Unless it is in imminent need of repair or it will fall down, I can't think of a good reason to close one of the most major east/west thouroughfares on a holiday weekend.

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skinny_tom (aka boney)
Thanks for all the responses! I got what I needed (and a little bit more), as I knew I would from this group.




For best results, follow Lincoln to Stanyan and turn south (right) then left when you reach Haight. Ride along Haight for a block or two and park the bike. IIRC there are usually a few bikes parked along this stretch on the north side of the street. Your best bet is going to be walking the length of Haight all the way to Ashbury and back. Haight is congested, narrow, a major bus route, and on the weekend will be full of double parkers and tourists.


Hide your electronics or take them with you before you get there, the place is crawling with maggots who won't hesitate to grab whatever they can to fund their next meal or fix. not that you should be worried that they're going to strip your bike, just that you should remove the opportunities, if you know what I mean.

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