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Ride the edge of Nevada question

Bruce H

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Looks like summer will take a brake this weekend for the western part of Oregon so I thought I'd head south east. Anyone live near Elko that can tell me about the roads? I was wanting to ride from Denio, the map shows a road east that intersects just north of Elko. Not sure if it is paved or not? I was thinnking about going thru Ohwyee then into Idaho a bit. My map shows a short senic section just south of Ohywee, can it be?... Any ideas or commements?... I was avoiding the north western part of Nevada because of Burning Man.


Thanks, Bruce

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724 (East West route between near Golconda & Tuscarora) is dirt.

There are no paved alternatives that I am aware of other than I80 (South side) or SR78 (North side)

ID SR51 / NV SR225 through Owyee is paved.

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The ride south of Elko up Lamoille Canyon (I think that was the name) to the glacier and back should not be missed. A big surprise in the middle of NV. The road north to ID is somewhat better than most NV roads. The Star? has good eats in Elko. Have fun

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