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New guy (Houston, TX)


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Just wanted to say hello and how excited I am to be a part of this site. I've been snooping around for the last week since I picked up my Green 99 R1100RT with 125k miles on the clock. I've been on early 80's Hondas the last 5 years and I think I'm done with that. I'm 6'5" and finally riding a bike that is big enough for me. Good to be here and look forward to being part of this great group of bikers.


Ebola (or Evan if you prefer)

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And it's this color green




It appears that you may have the very rare 'Tundra Green'... one of my favorites! Nice!!


I'm out the west side of Houston in Katy. Welcome! There is a ton of great info here on the board. Enjoy!!

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Tundra Green, I like it. Sounds tough :) Thanks for the info/complements. I must say I've gotten more complements on this bike in the week I've owned it than on my Hondas in the last 5 years. The color is even more vibrant in person, but don't get too close, you'll see the scratches. ;)

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Welcome! I live in Missouri City (SW side of Houston. I love that color on the RT...get a green tint Cee Bailey screen and it really looks sharp.

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