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Garmin Zumo 550 mount on 1150RT


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I got my b-day present ( so it is good getting more birthdays - look at the alternative !)- and the Garmin Zumo 500 arrived - it's not obvious on how to mount it to the 1150RT with the RAM parts supplied - any guidance ?

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You have a few options. Basically you need a way to mount the included parts to the bike. On my RT I have a RAM ball (RAM-B-345)above the clutch master cylinder, then the long 7 inch arm, and on top the Zumo in mount. This places the Zumo just off the left. Other options are out there on how to mount the Zumo using other parts. Its up to you on how you want it. Do you want it off to the left or center? There are many retailers that sell RAM parts. Its really up to you.



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I made this mount. The pictures show it before I painted it black. I also ended up using a 2 or 2.5 inch ram arm to get it above the instruments. I have another one that needs to be drilled and painted. The holes for the ram ball are countersunk on the back. If you want it PM me.










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DMH, it can be mounted with the RAM parts that came with the Zumo but it isn’t pretty & not real easy..


A good way to do the mount on the 1150RT is to buy an additional RAM ball (shown in link below).. Then use a short spacer & longer bolt to install in one of the handle bar mount bolt holes..


It makes an easy to see & use setup that also allows some stealth as your helmet will easily cover the GPS when you stop for a short break..


It also allows a firm mounting that doesn’t shake at speed & keeps the sun from washing the screen out in bright sunlight..


Just click on links below..












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