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H7 HID Xenon Bulbs for R1200


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I see that some one is selling this bulds for RTs and other 1200's on eBay. They are much cheaper than BMW replacement headlight bulbs, and are advertised as a straight swap: no need to change anything else, just plug them in. Has any one tried them? If so, is the switch to these bulbs really plug and play? How do you like the light produced?

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If you mean the one below, you'll need a lot more than bulbs to have an HID system.


"Note:the auction is only for 2 single beam bulbs without ballasts ,also 2 the bulbs is only single beam, not include the H4 bixenon bulbs(add 30usd/pair) and h4-2 bulbs(add 10usd/pair) !"


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The ebay item I see don't have any such warning. They advertize as requiring no mods, no extra parts, and as a straight replacement. I don't really know how to post a link, but this is one effort: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/H7-HID-Xenon-Bulbs-BMW-R1200RT-05-06-07-08-09-Pair_W0QQitemZ180359803201QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item29fe483141&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245

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Short answer: Some models of incandescent lamps use xenon, as do HID lamps, so the term 'xenon' can be confusing. The lamp (bulb) in the Ebay add is a standard incandescent lamp that uses a xenon fill, and painted blue for good effect. They are not HID lamps.


Long answer: Inert gases are sometimes used in incandescent lamps to help slow evaporation of the filament. This is good for filament life (vs. a vacuum) but also conducts heat away from the filament, lowering light output. Argon, krypton, and xenon are usually used for a gas fill with xenon having the lowest heat conduction, resulting in a slightly higher light output. In HID (arc) lamps the xenon gas is used to facilitate establishing the arc (there needs to be something to ionize.) This is a completely different phenomena than what happens in an incandescent lamp but both can use xenon gas hence some confusion, especially since BMW likes to call its HID option a 'Xenon' lamp.

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The eBay ad does refer to the bulbs as "HID". I guess I don't know what that means, nor why the seller would use the term, if the bulbs are not "HID". Ah well. The price looks good.

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HID stands for 'high intensity discharge', essentially an arc lamp. They produce a much higher (and 'whiter') light output than incandescent lamps but are more expensive and require a separate power supply.


In spite of the incorrect title the lamps in the Ebay link are simple incandescent lamps, not HID.

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What they said. NOT HID, simply higher output H7 bulbs.


Don't waste your money.


If you want a true HID kit, look for one that has not only ballasts, but also the proper rectifiers included. If you don't get the rectifiers, the lights won't work properly. Has to do with the CANbus system. I know because I tried. :P

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I put a dual bulb kit on my 12GS. It has a ballast for each bulb. They work great, but, the high beam one takes a few seconds to come to full power so it's not so good as a flash/pass thing, but it will dry paint once it's been on 40 seconds or so.

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I've got a 2009 R1200RT. I bought the H7 6500K lights for my lowbeams from Xenon Rider.. was VERY happy with them, and went the next step last month and bought the 4300K light for my high beam.


I paid extra for the "Can-Bus friendly" ballasts on the 6500k lights, but for the 4200k I went with the normal Ultraslim ballast as well as replaced the right side ballast with an Ultraslim. (fit both where one was).


I have had ZERO Can-Bus issues, and the light is second to none. I converted as I do a lot of night riding during the week. I have a 100 mile ride once or twice a week to a study group in VA, and don't return until well after dark.. and when they say HIDs turn night into day they aren't exaggerating(ok, maybe a LITTLE)

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I also haven't experienced the Hi-Beam warm up.. It's ALMOST instant on, with just a bright flash when it first ignites, the first time. From then on it's instant and more "normal".

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I put twin Xenon HIDs in for my low beams on my R1200RT....


everyone thinks I am driving with my brights on...


have to flash my high beam back to show Ive got even more...


maybe some annoyance for those in their cages, but I see EVERYTHING and they see me coming...

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Good luck on the HID with CANBus. While i'm happy with my HID low beams on my 2007 R1200RT i had, and continue to have, problems. So far, if my count is right, i've been through 7 ballasts and 5 lights plus a couple of "cancellers". (The cancellers are what someone else posted as rectifiers. They are supposed to fool the CANBus into thinking it is looking at standard Halogen bulbs.)


Here's the problem i am living with. If the bike stalls during starting or struggles during those first few revolutions, i get a bulb failure warning icon and no right HID light. If i let the computer shut down and wait an additional 5 seconds or so upon restart, both bulbs come on. One theory that has been offered to me is that the wiring harness for the right low beam might pass by something that is generating noise giving the CANBus indigestion.


The inconvenience is worth it.


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