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Rear Main seal


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I replaced the rear main seal on my 97 rt, but BMW changed the thickness of the seal from 10mm down to 7mm. When I reinstalled the new one I bottemed out the seal, so now it is riding 3mm behind were it rode before. Did I need to leave it flush with the housing as like the 10mm one?

Also, I have some concern that on the parts break down it shows two different size seals but look at the hole it is only one size not tapered in anyway for a smaller seal. Do I use two of the larger size or just one?

Help please!!!

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94aero, wish I could help you on what you need to do.. I believe there was a service bulletin on that seal but the only one I can find in my files is for the older seal.. My educated guess would be not to bottom it due the radius on the crankshaft but that is nothing to really go on..


A couple of suggestions:


Maybe contact Anton


He has probably dealt with this before..


Of try calling a number of BMW dealers (don’t relay on only one as they sometimes will tell you about anything)..




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Thanks Twisty!!!

Found all the info on page 11-13. Took awhile of reading but the info was there. Pre 12-97 had only one seal that should be flush.



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