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Anyone tried the PowerCommander on their 1200 Boxer?


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I just discovered PowerCommander has a product for my R1200RT. I'm thinking of giving this a try since I have added a full Remus to the bike.


Has anyone tried this?

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eng943, you can do some research on the power commander web site.. As far as know (from a while back) the ONLY power commander offered for the 1200RT is for racing use only.. That means only open loop operation (no using the 02 sensors).. The 1200 hexehead uses dual 02 sensors & that would be very difficult for the power commander to use without a lot of electronics & work on their part..


I would imagine with enough programming & fooling you could get it to run decent but I would be willing to bet your fuel economy would go way down..


The other thing would be the idle control as the 1200 hexhead uses stepper motors for idle control & part of that control is probably based on 02 input..


Maybe it would function OK for street usage but not sure any gain would be worth the aggravation of getting it to operate smoothly across all temp ranges & loads..


The stock BMW 1200RT fueling control is pretty decent so not many are looking at controllers like Techlusions or Power Commanders..


You want more power & acceleration on the 1200 RT just spend the money on a 3:1 final drive gear set..





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I agree with Twisty (sort of...) If I got the Power Commander I wouldn't 'fool with it', but rather get it mapped at a Dynojet facility (or there is already a map available for download for a stock bike with a Remus.) I think the bike would run fine open-loop only, but... why bother?


I really think such measures would be overkill in this case. The Remus just isn't going to mess you up that much and I'm not sure what an FRK or Power Commander or anything else is really going to buy you. The hexhead engine control system seems to work pretty well and in this case you probably have more to lose than gain by messing with it. Such measures may be justified for extensive performance mods but for an exhaust change on a relatively mildly-tuned bike (that runs closed loop much of the time anyway) like a hexhead? Nah...

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Maybe I'm just living right, but I just don't have any fueling issues on my R1200st. I didn't have any with the stock exhaust and I got 55-57 mpg at 75 on the freeway, never getting less than 48 after a very hard thrashing. The Remus did cut back my mileage to just a tick over 50mpg but there are no fueling issues with the core in or removed. The thing just flat fuels as near perfectly as you could want.

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I bought one for my 07 1200GSA, was a different brand. The instructions said if the bike isn't runnig right when installed it wouldn't fix any problems. Mine wasn't exactly right but I installed it anyway. It didn't fix my problem (poor idle) but was smoother everywhere else. My fuel mileage did go down a bit. My guess is these engines are running lean and the chip changes that. I eventually got the idle problem fixed somewhat but removed the chip to acomplish that. It is in a box on the shelf if you want it, PM me.

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