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R1100S not working...


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My 1999 R1100S quit a couple weeks ago while I was riding in light rain. A couple coughs and it stopped dead at 75mph. Cranked, but no fire.


Next day, after sitting in a a dry carport, still nothing. No spark, fuel pump comes when the key is turned on but stopped when cranking. Side stand switch appears to be functioning correctly.


So I replaced the Hall Effect Sensor. Bike starts right up. I'm relieved. Next morning I start it up to go for a shakedown run. Runs about 5 minutes, 4-5 blocks just fine, then dies. Restarts with a little throttle, runs 10 seconds, dies again. Restarts again, runs 2 seconds, dies, won't restart.


After 1/2 hour it will restart again to die in a few seconds. Spark is good, obviously a fuel issue. Any ideas?



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my first guess is a pinched vent line for the fuel tank, or a clogged EVAP cannister.


When it dies, did you open the fuel door at all? I wouldn't be surprised if you got a whoooosh sound. If the vent line for the tank gets pinched, or the cannister is clogged up it will not allow your tank to equalize pressure as fuel is used. This eventually causes the bike to shut off due to fuel starvation. After it sits, the vaccuum in the tank goes down and allows the bike to restart until it builds the pressure back up.......then it repeats.


Just a shot, but thats the first thing that popped into my head. FWIW......I yanked the cannister off of my bike years ago partially because its big/ugly, and partially as preventative maintenace for the condition I explained above.

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No cannister on the bike. Came to me that way. And it has always "wooshed" when opening the fuel door, but it has never seemed to cause a problem before.


I heard a suggestion that possible it was water in the gas or a clogged fuel filter.

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Sure, it could be water or a clogged fuel filter.


Just for the record.......you should NEVER get a "whoosh" when you open the fuel door. That means your tank is not vented properly, and can cause quite a few issues. It can literaly implode your tank. The vaccuum can also cause fuel lines to squeeze themselves shut and/or the fuel filter to implode. It might not be your #1 issue, but it is definitely an issue and should be checked out.


I'll bet the previous owner pulled the vac cannister and didn't properly reroute the lines.

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I don't know the specific physical routing on the 1100S, just my own 1100RT. I have mine routed down right beside the fuel overflow hose behind the right footpeg. But you are correct about the cannister line should be open.


Originaly........The vent line should go to the cannister, then from the cannister to the purge valve, then from the purge valve back to the throttle body ports.


Once the cannister is removed........the vent line should be removed from the cannister and routed down below the foot pegs and left open. Then the throttle body ports should either be connected via a hose or plugged with rubber caps. You can then remove the cannister and other associated hoses.

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The cannister is gone and the throttle bodies are plugged. I'll have to find the vent hose and see if it's crimped. And where it is routed.


Which means I'll have to find it...

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