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Bill Bass

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hi everyone

I picked up a (new-to-me) 2002 r1150rt last week from the local bmw dealer, and have clocked 400 miles so far. this is my first bmw, and so far I love it - I can see why you guys like these things so much.


I have a tech question:

the bike idles OK, and accelerates fine, but around 3500 rpm (actually between 3k and 4k) the engine feels really rough, kind of like I'm dragging an anchor behind the bike. I asked the dealer about this and they said its normal for this bike, and the next time I have it in for maint. have the valves adjusted and it should smooth it out a bit.


does any of this make sense?


thanks in advance


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first of all welcome...on your issue, what gear are you in when you notice the "anchor"? the rev's should be high and if you're in 5th or 6th at that rpm level i'm not suprised by your comments. explain the riding situation when you experience it and it may help as well. the single spark 1150's were know to have a bit of a surging issue. that does not appear to be what you're describing.


keep it revving and you'll both be happy.

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well, any gear, but most noticeable when trying to keep a steady speed in 3rd or 4th. I wouldn't describe it as surging, more like negative surging.

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Bill, your problem RPM seems a little high for the basic surging issue on the 2002 RT..


The 02 can be a little sluggish in the lower 3000 RPM range if you are in 6th gear as 6th is a fairly high geared overdrive..


If it is sluggish in the lower gears at 3500 RPM’s there is something not quite right..


Maybe start by replacing the spark plugs (you can use cheap Autolite 3922 or 3923) if you want as they work just as good or even better then the expensive OEM plugs..


Obviously a good valve adjustment is an important thing to verify (you can easily do that yourself if you can do more than basic maintenance on your motorcycles)..


You might look to see if you have the Pink CCP in your fuse box (see picture below)..If you have one just pull it out & ride the bike.. If your problem changes then post back here & we will help you address that in detail.. If you DON’T have one (pink CCP) or any color CCP in the shown location post that back here & we will tell you how to make a jumper to emulate the pink CCP..


Those 2002 RT’s are not the smoothest of running engines in the 2000-3200 RPM range but should be decent in the 3500 RPM up range..


The good news is with some work the 02 1150RT can be made to run quite nice..









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thanks Twisty - I'll check for the pink CCP tonight, and change the spark plugs first chance I get. I've never done a valve adjustment on one of these, but I'm not afraid to learn something new. I'm guessing you nice folks have some good "how-to"s on this procedure.


yeah, the issue I'm describing is definately in the 3-4k range, regardless of what gear I'm in.



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Welcome, you have come to the right place for information. Twisty has been very helpful on my '02 RT and the surging. With the information you will get from here the best piece of advice I could give is to learn where that boxer wants to run, maybe the needle needs to be in the 3500 + range and a light throttle hand will expose the surge problem. Have fun tinkering and keep working that right hand adjuster!

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OK, I pulled the pink CCP out and rode for about 30 miles or so. ran at different speeds, up and down hills, highways, backroads, etc. There didn't seem to be and noticeable difference.

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