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Clever Anumate BMW Engine


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John, yes that is a nice animation… Unfortunately it isn’t an Oil Head that is an Air Head..


Still a nice animation just wanted to make sure it wasn’t confused with what the current Oil Head uses..




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This is very good. Note the cam shaft inside the block and pushrods, this is the air head design. It will make a nice screen saver! Thanks!

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I clicked on that link,,Then went down to the bottom of the page,,Clicked on Animation,,Watched the film ,, Delivery,,,Very Kool flick,,Though of Ken H for some risen,

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der Wanderer

Nice graphics :)

Now, I was not aware of that "wasted spark" thing, as indeed represented on the graphics... Would someone please explain?

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Wasted spark means both cylinders spark whenever approaching TDC. The spark on the compression stroke is useful.

The spark on the exhaust stroke is wasted.

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But why??? Is it because it is simpler to get both to spark at the same time (common wiring)?

Yes, simpler/cheaper. No real downside except for a little additional wear on the plugs.

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