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Melted hole in Olympia pants--repairable?


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Anyone with experience in "patching" nylon cordura fabric? Have a 1" diameter hole (hot exhaust) in lower pants leg on Olympia Airglide pants. Where to get the patch material? Thinking glue vs. sewing..... :S

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How old are they... I understand it's a 3 yr warranty.... hmmm that's what they said when my hi-viz faded but that may have only been for fade because their website says one year warranty.


Not completely sure how that works, but our shop has a relationship with a local rep. When I've had an issue (twice) the rep picks the garment up at the shop and returns it there within a couple weeks. Superb service and customer responsiveness.


I'd at least ask them to look at it and see what they'll do for you.

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I would direct contact the manufacturer.


I did the same thing with a Motoport jacket I had. I contacted and they asked for the privilege of repairing it so they could affect a repair, based on position, that would withstand a getoff.


I shipped jacket my expense and they had it for 2 weeks and returned it free of charge with a thank you card and discount coupon for future purchase.


Mine was stitched and seam sealed.


There's potentially more to consider than just a hole. The location can impact the functional integrity in case is a crash.


I would, if feasible, go direct to the manufacturer and eliminate all middle

man input.



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Thanks all, will probably go the Aerostitch patch route--looks heavy duty. Olympia will not repair if damage caused by accident, only if its a factory defect.

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If you're concerned with a gore-tex layer, or you just want a top notch repair job, go to rainy pass. They'll do a nice job, and they have the equipment to work with gore-tex, heavy cordura and ballistics fabrics, etc... I've always found their prices to be quite reasonable.




I'm going to suppose that an exhaust melt hole on the inner calf isn't something to be too concerned about regarding the garment's "protective integrity".

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Nice n Easy Rider
I think there's an Olympia repair place in Hendersonville that Kinsley was telling me about.

Rpm Gear Inc (Olympia Moto Sports*)

824 Locust St # 100

Hendersonville, NC 28792-3743

Phone: (828) 697-5127

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When I had my R1200C I was constantly melting pants on the pipes. All I did was to cut up a pair of old black jeans and have my wife sew patches over the holes. The jeans material will not easily burn.



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