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Wish I could grab this...


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Ummm... with only 3,700 miles... the only service that the dealer would have performed would be the initial sale and the 600 mile service... unless I am mistaken...


Says just serviced... and new batteries...


I didn't know the R1100RT had more than one battery... I think I need to open up the fairing and check mine out... )))


Wonder if he will get his 7k for the bike... that seems a bit high to me for that year, even with the low mileage...


Regards -


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and what exactly should we be concerned about with a bike that has sat, and sat, and sat? I wonder what the story is about why it was never ridden and just kept? I'm just curious.


That being said, it sure looks terrific.

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Where and how it 'sits' could be a concern perhaps. In a shed? under a tree? or in a garage on a battery tender on the centerstand with fuel stabilizer in her? I got my latest ride (2000 R1100R) back in Sep 06 with only 1800 miles...It obviously sat, and (knock on wood) has been issue free so far. And I have no idea how it sat, as I got it used from a dealer, it looked clean. And what an awesome day it was today, I just got back from ridin'!

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Where and how it 'sits' could be a concern perhaps.


The mere fact that it has sat is a concern in my book. Seals dry and shrink/crack, internal parts that are allowed to dry over time can corrode.


etc, etc.


I'd much rather have a 1999 RT that has been ridden regularly than one that has not.


Most bikes here don't react well to sitting.


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Although it is not a RT-P, that model did come equipped with two batteries. Odd seller emphasis on known features such as "shaft drive". Really, I didn't know that. With a cream puff like this, why the blurry cell phone fotos? Why is it sitting in an outdoor scene that looks like it's normal parking space? 3700mi and parked outside for 10 years?

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