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Ron B and I go toy crazy in Rochester, NY

Kathy R

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Just a tiny collection of photos from our 1 hour run through the Strong Museum of Play - National Toy Hall of Fame.


Disclaimer: Many photos are mediocre due to shooting through glass case and my limited abilities. None-the-less, if you have ever wanted to see the toys of your youth and THEN SOME, put this museum on your bucket list. The first floor is more hands on for humanoid rug rats, but the second floor is pure nostalgia lane. Allow hours.


Warning: This photo list is Doll heavy :P


Uh Oh, I think this is less of a ride tale and more of a other things post...move it with my apologies.

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Hey you crazy kids, :grin: what no
stunt cycle? :(







I know it was there, but honestly in one hours time I only took photos of things that appealed to me ;)

I'm taking orders now. I'll go back and fulfill your "my favorite toy" list. Just name it.

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I had a terrific time, especially with the historical toy exhibits.


I skipped the dolls and gurly stuff and went right to the he-manly stuff for boyz.






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Ron, How many times did I say, "I'm going crazy!" as I ran around with my camera? :grin:


Sharon and Jan, Thanks you. I will be back there with a tire iron. ;)

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