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Bike Won't start while in gear


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I just started having trouble with my K1200S not starting while in gear. I double check to make sure the side stand is all the way and have verified the kill switch is in the start position. The only way to start the bike is in neutral. In suggestions?



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yUP yUP yUP...clutch safety switch.


BTW - my '07 K12R.sport doesn't start in gear either - no biggie for me. Slam it into neutral and wick it to life.

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Sounds like the clutch safety switch. There is a write-up nearby (Hexheads, I think) describing the adjustment.
You may have the clutch lever adjusted too close to the bar. Move the adjustment out to max and try it. Then you can play with it to get it working right and as close to your favorite adjustment as you can.



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