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Battery Issue


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Tried to start the RT last evening and the headlamp was dim and I saw the clock reading zeros. During the week, apparently the bike got unplugged from its battery tender. The battery is a sealed maintenance free BMW style. My Garmin was plugged in and draws a little power but it’s usually not a problem when the bike is plugged in while at rest.


I plugged the bike in hoping against hope. This morning, the tender is still reading red and the lamps and clock are in good shape. I unplugged the bike and it started immediately. Should I just wait and see if the tender lights go green or should I be off to the shop for a new battery.


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Battery installation date? Going off of a little green or red light on a trickle charge is not very reliable. Have your battery load tested. Any place that deals in batteries can do this. That is the best test for battery worthiness.

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