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1250 Boxer Rumor?


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Ken, I would imagine by now we have all heard the rumors..


(possibly) New color for 2010 (rumor has it burnt orange)

(possibly) 1250 detuned HP2 motor available in the GS (appx 122 hp),, maybe 2 power selection switch..

(possibly) single L/H turn signal switch (like the GT)

(possibly) 1250 or 1300 HP2 type motor in RT late year


Some of this stuff is coming out of the Europe so it might have some merit..


My take is: the 2010 GS & RT are late on their new 2010 announcements so that would lead me to believe somewhat major changes are coming..


If somebody can confirm anything let’s hear it..





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At the dealer a few weeks ago I was told the 1250 was in the works in Jan 2010 with the GS first, the RT a few months later.


Sometimes these guys play dumb as to events in the BMW world, but I don't buy it..not from all of them anyway. Some dealers are sent to Germany to even look at the new releases.

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And the best news is that I heard that all of the typical BMW issues have finally been fixed this time!


No, I mean really. Really.


Hey, stop laughing!!!!

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Paul Mihalka

In the latest memo from BMWNA dealers are told that the 2010 R1200R/RT/GS bikes will arrive in January - with special emphasis on !R1200! It might still be a 1200cc HP2 motor, or in April have a 2010 and 1/2 or early 2011 model. BMW has done that before.

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The dealers acutally have meeting about the new bikes, but have to sign agreements not to talk about what they are told etc etc or the mother ship will .............. who knows.


I asked a fellow at the local dealer who used to work for the mother ship. He said he suspected something was up because he had not seen any build numbers for the 2010 GS or RT models, but had seen build numbers for the other bikes. The 2010 800GS is out and is in white and the same orange the K1300's got. They look good in these colors

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