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r1200rt seat


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My name is Steve and I am new here and really like the info I pick up from this site. I have a 08 R1200rt that I just bought about 1200 miles ago. I have read all the comments about the seat and was really unhappy with mine. I bought a used unheated seat to tear apart and rebuild and recover myself.


The funny thing is when I got the seat I noticed it was much thicker than my original heated one. Turns out I have the low seat and the one I ordered to experiment on is the standard. Will the standard factory seat be much more comfortable than the low seat? My butt was killing me by 75 miles on the low one and by 100 I HAD to get off for 10-15 minutes or more.






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When I picked up my 06 (new in 06) it had the low seat, which I had ordered. At the time I didn't realize they (BMW) made the low seat via the removal of padding. After a year or so I wound up making a trade for a regular seat. I've since (recently) moved to a Sargent seat.


You will find an improvemnt over the low seat with the regular. If you're looking for night and day you'll be disappointed. Although difficult to quantify I'd estimate a 20% improvement in comfort using the standard over the low seat. YMMV.

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