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Wiring Harness Maintenance


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I have noticed cracking in the rubber sheathing around the harness coming out of the handlebar controls, exposing the underlying wires to the elements. The material is breaking down, I suspect. Not surprising with all the UV rays here in southern Cal. This stuff looks like it was installed like shrink wrap, that is, over the ends of the wires. Not really practical to disconnect everything just to replace this. Do you guys know of an alternative?





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Michael, if you don’t want to disconnect everything to apply it & don’t care if it looks exactly like original then your best bet is probably that slit black corrugated convoluted tubing ( Polyethylene Black Slit Loom )


There are many types available with some being higher temperature rated & some being made of better material..


I have been getting my “Polyethylene Black Slit Loom” from:



· WiringProducts, Ltd.

· 135 Isidor Ct. Suite B

· Sparks Nevada 89441

· United States

· Phone: 1-800-549-0243

· Fax: 775-425-2997

· Email: sales@wiringproducts.com


I’m not too sure how small they go as the smallest I have bought is ¼”





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you can also wrap with self amalgamating tape - potential downside - a bit sticky and messy (might want an under-layer of electrical tape) and might be tricky to apply neatly depending on how much slack you have... you might need to so some dissassembly on the handgrips to get access to do a presentable job.


upside however is good weatherproofing ( i.e waterproofing & uv resistance, etc).


self amalgamating tape is used by some in the telecom industry on RF connectors on cell towers


google 'self amalgamating tape' to source it.

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I found 1/4/ and 3/8 of polyethylene black slit loom at Harbor Freight. 10 foot pieces @ $3.00 each.


I do have a use for the self-amalgamating tape, not on the bike, however. Thanks for that tip.



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Michael, keep in mind that slit loom from Harbor Freight is probably pretty poor quality.. Not a big deal for where you are using it but my guess is not very oil proof,, not much UV protection,, & probably not very high temperature rated.. Careful using that stuff in high engine heat areas as it might melt at a fairly low temp..




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I noticed that too on my '02RT.


I just went to Wal-Mart and bought some spiral wrap over in the automotive section where they sell the lights. It was cheap and has been holding up fine for the last two years. Real easy to put on too.

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