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HyperPro Shocks for R1200RT


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I had lowered HyperPro front and rear shocks installed on my '07 R1200RT and while it lowered me enough that I can just about flat-foot the RT the ride quality has gone in the toilet.


When I'm riding and hit the slightest bump, or small hole, the front end feels like I'm riding in a buckboard wagon! There is no compression, or "absorbing" from the shock at all, extremely uncomfortable. Any suggestion or help would be appreciated.

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The best advice you can receive here is to call your HyperPro dealer.


The dampers you installed are unique to you and were set up for you by your supplier.


That really is your best resource for resolution.

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Don't they have both compression and rebound damping adjustments. Read the manual that came with them and see if you can sort out the issue. There may be a mfg defect, too much oil, wrong spring. Contact the point of sale as Tony suggested.

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Thanks all for the tips & advice. I've talked to HyperPro and the dealer. I'll be at the dealer tomorrow and they're coming off, to be shipped back to the manufacturer for rebuild.

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