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Burning clutch smell


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I just purchased a new to me 05 with 24K miles. I bought the bike from the second owner. I did not ride the bike before I purchased it. The problem is I rode the bike home 700 miles and noticed a strong clutch burning smell every time I stopped. I've had two Lts before so I am familiar with the dry clutch. I don't ride with my hand on the clutch. I thought I might be dragging the rear brake by lightly resting my foot (this was done by mistake) lever but I found my light pressure on the lever just activated the brake light and not the brake. The bike seems to run great. I've not noticed any slipping when I pull away from a stop. I'm perplexed and concerned. Any help? Thanks.

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If it smells like a burning clutch, there is a strong chance that the disc is slipping even though you are not noticing it.

You should be concerned.

First thing to check would be the application mechanism (in this case: the master cylinder and slave cylinder combo) to be sure there is a certain freeplay.

If that is OK, then you are looking at a sooner than later teardown.

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Todd, well clutch smell can smell just like a brake smell.. Ride it a short ways without using the brakes then coast to a stop & feel the brakes for being hot..


Also look closely at the transmission to engine case seam.. Any signs of oil,, or oil mist,, or previous leaking,, then suspect oil on the clutch plate (the 05’s had a little history of either rear engine seal,, or trans input seal,, or rear balancer shaft seal,, seeping/leaking)..


In high gear- with a load on the bike then- going to wide open throttle- any signs of clutch slipping?




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-05 has whizzy brakes. If your foot rests on the pedal enough to light the brake light, brake pressure is delivered to rear brake just enough to fry rear brake. And that smell like clutch(because material is similar) Is the rear brake disc blue?

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Thanks for the comments. I will inspect closer for oil leakage. I did put the bike on the center stand and ran the motor. I then put light pressure on the rear brake to mimic my foot and did not fell any resistance on the rear wheel. I will check the rotor for signs of overheating. Thnaks again!

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