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Florida Homeowners Ins.


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Has anyone shopped for homeowners ins. in Florida lately. I was ready to change after talking to an agent. She said Tower Hill Prime was "A" rated co. with AM Best. I just checked AM Best site and they say B and outlook of negative. You just can't believe anything you hear. State Farm just raised me again and I'm looking for a better choice.

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When we got dumped several years ago, we shopped, bought, got dropped, bought, got dropped, bought, got contacted by original dropper saying they would write us, we said "no", they wrote us anyways, :dopeslap:, straightened that out, and have the same insurer for several years.

Our State can be a mess at times.

We've gone through most of the options, been dropped for a new roof that meets code :S, dropped for a diving board we've had for nearly 30 years, dropped because the legislature was meeting, you name it.

All of the above happened in a 4-5 month period.

Good luck, best wishes.

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Seems that insurance companies are looking to avoid hurricane losses and they have many ways to do it:

1. Leave Florida completely. State Farm is doing that now.

2. Insure only a few homes in a specific area so that when a hurricane hits one area, the company losses are minimized. Hurricanes usually do major damage in just one small area.

There is the Citizen's Insurance option. Citizen's is run by the State of Florida and provides insurance for those who can't get a company to sell them homeowner's insurance.

I've had 3 companies in three years and I've never made a claim. :P

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It seems like Tower Hill Prime is my choice . I've shopped at some of the reputable agencies in town. They all recommended them. They are writing new policies now and considerably cheaper than State Farm.

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