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RT Exhaust Project


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I have been condsidering a new exhaust for sometime. Unable to justify the cost of a new system, I did a little research and decided to build my own. I put some feelers out and was able to aquire a pipe and slip on off a wrecked zx-9.

I had to purchase a 45 degree pipe, a piece of 2" straight pipe, and 2"-2" coupler. A weld on O2 sensor bung and some welding and tweaking gave me a system that was low cost to build coupled with an obnoxious sound that was worse that the straight piped harley clones that speed by my house every weekend.

Also the open bore actually robbed performance and top end.


I had tested out several versions of internal and external baffles, and came up with a sound that is decent, and offers better performance on the highway.


Rt exhaust project

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