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Cee Bailey Seat


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Got my seat back from Cee Bailey after a rebuild.

I went with them because they have done many RTP's.

Craftsmanship looks good, and they widened it to fit my butt (about 2" on each side), they also seem to have adjusted for the needed raise in the front, so I removed my shims and will take them with me for a ride to adjust as I go.

Although they did say it would take about 3 weeks to break it in, I'll get my first impression tomorrow.

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The Cee Bailey looks a lot like the Russell. It has "wings" on the side. My question is: does it have the steel springs supporting the wings? I had thought that feature was patented by the orginal Bill Mayer and sold to Russell.

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I have a Cee Bailey for my '04 RT. I told them I wanted the most comfortable seat they could build without caring about appearance. It came back plenty wide and they took some of the forward lean out of it. Looks at first glance like a stock seat as it has no extra stitching. I found it much better than stock or the 2 Corbins I had but after about 2 hours I was wanting something better. I loaned it to a riding buddy and he put thousands of miles on it and fount it good for 500+ mile days. I found the Russell Day Long to be much better for me on longer days, but the Cee Bailey was actually more comfortable for commuting.

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A little over 300 miles round trip for lunch today, and the CB seat is a winner !!!

As I said, it is supposed to need 3 weeks (of riding or time, ??)before it's broken in but....no more pain in the butt.........


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