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197 run victory brings The Ashes home!


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Finished quickly in the end, great victory for England, now for Australia 2010 and keeping The Ashes after the humiliation in 2007.


I enjoyed Ponting's interview after the game, he must be finished after losing The Ashes twice in England but he was still upbeat, a real Australian not like so many of the namby pambys that seem to live down there now. :wave:


This is the first time I've been able to watch any significant amount of cricket since I left England 30 years ago, I bought a package of all 5 Test Matches from DISH, great to watch again though I think the Squirrel might rebel if I make a habit of it...

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^&%$#* - SPOILER!!!!! I'm still watching the game - 7 hours delayed.
I'd like to point out that I'd purposefully not commented on it Bob...


I figure, after watching, perhaps 15 hours of Ashes coverage in NZ, I'm 50% there to understanding the sport.


It was impressive to see them recover from two weeks ago.

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^&%$#* - SPOILER!!!!! I'm still watching the game - 7 hours delayed.


Sorry Bob, I should know better.

I had just finished watching the game on my DVDR and got over-excited. The glass or two of Lagavullin probably went some way to reducing my natural reserve as well.



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I couldn't believe it !


Went to bed when we were 83-0 or something like that.


Thought the boys could hang on.


Woke up to defeat of the worst kind !!


Ponting and Clarke both run out.


Both deserve the biggest kick up the arse.


We played like a colts development squad and deserved to be beaten.


What makes it even more annoying is to be beaten by England with "fat arse" Botham doing the commentary.


His constant referal to convicts is becoming tiresome .


It needs to explained to him that all the convicts that came to Australia came from England .


Australia never had any convicts until the English arrived.


England is where all the convicts came from,the country was full of convicts so they exported them around the world.


Reluctantly I have to agree it was a good win for the poms , better team at the time.


I think "fat arse" is being a bit precious about labelling them number one on the rankings.


Looking forward to next summer in Australia

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That's "Sir Ian Botham" to you convict types.


(this message exempt from 2009 rules under the Anglo-Australian sledging agreement)

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