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How to tell if you have GS tubes?


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The airbox > TB tubes on my '96 roadster do not retract into the airbox, no matter how much I fiddle with them. They retract barely enough to clear the TB (about 1/2") on one side and a little more on the other. Do I have GS tubes?

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skinny_tom (aka boney)



GS tube on the bottom. Notice the difference in waist size.


Also notice the tubes are pointing different directions. The end with the clamp goes to the throttle body on the RT tube, and the end of the left does for the GS tube.

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Is that all there is to the RT tube, or is there another piece? Looks like I definitely have GS tubes on my Roadster, which may explain why I was never able to get them to retract into the airbox.

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