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Hi from The Netherlands!


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Greetings all!


Just looking in the forum quickly from over in Holland. Im a regular amongst the genteel folk on the UK-based www.BMRider.com forum, and like to keep it local, but its always handy to have a second source of information! Im an ex-pat Brit, having left the country in 2004 and love my new life on the continent. Ive been riding almost continuously since 17 (so about 19 years...) and have owned a RXS100, CB450DK-K, XJ900F-BB2 and my current R1150RT 2003 from new.


Hello and happy riding!

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Hello and welcome to our lowly country and the board, mr. ex-pat.


You may spot me on the road at one point, but not as yet. We'll still be in the Alps for a few weeks, and then over to the UK. Maybe October ? ;)




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Howdy Boffin!

Good to see you here too!

Hello Francois- also good to see a fello 'pean on the forum!


Fast lane? Crikey! I thought autobahns were scarey...

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Welcome to the forums...


I think you will find some of these folks are VERY knowledgeable about the R1150RT... while the rest of us will have lots of opinions to express... ))) :grin:


Jump in and have fun...


Regards -


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Try again! For some reason my first pics totally failed to show.



My baby!


Used for touring, commuting, food shopping and occasional garden rennovations-





Touring Norway.


My old steed- XJ900F, matt black paint. Oh the memories...



And yours truely, on holiday


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