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Pigtail at Battery


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Howdy - Gettin familiar with my "RT" - wirin up a supplemental LED brake/tail light - powered via a fused link direct to battery. Seems a bit tedious accessing the battery terminals - so, I plan to attach some sort of pigtail leads from the battery to the underseat/fuse box area to ease future access - say to charge the battery, check charging voltage, etc..... Any reason not to ? Is access thru the aux. power outlets all that's necessary ? Should I access power for the LED unit elsewhere ? Thanks - Norm

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Norm, no problem doing that.. A lot of us have added extra pigtails to the battery.. As long as it is fused no problem.. You can also get your power from the starter large battery cable post if that is easier to access (just be sure to properly fuse it)..




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I added copper bars to my terminals on the battery and drilled holes for adding all kinds of goodies. Used 3/4" wide by 1/8" thick bar stock about an inch and a half long with a 90 deg bend.

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