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Gambia Log--Brake cleaner! (Long)


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Thanks for posting that.


A good read. It helps to understand what things are like.


Your writing and photos are spectacular.

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If you need to clean it off ,{too much grease and oil mixed with sand and dirt is a good place to start a fire}in remote areas we used methylated spirits in a pump/spray bottle usually an old windex sprayer.


Good luck with ramadan,I tried in Banda Aceh to adhere as the locals , but with the strenuous and dificult work we were doing and in a challenging climate , we couldn't do it. We were drinking 4 to 5 litres of water everyday just to stay hydrated, the locals simply put off demanding work until after ramadan , we didn't have the choice as we only had limited time.


We had a week of ramadan in Turkey/Istanbul and they catered for non muslims everywhere , in Banda Aceh there was not a choice.


Best thing about ramadan in Istanbul is of an evening we would stroll up to the Hippodrome near the Blue Mosque and enjoy the feasts and delicacies on offer , they certainly know how to break a fast , sweet turkish coffees savoured with a platter of turkish delight, dried figs that have been stuffed with ground pistachios and ground walnuts ,then simmered in honey until they swell nearly back to full size. I can still taste the honey dribbling down my chin.




As to the car wax , I think you are very dedicated to consider even washing the car in the first place !


I think it depends on the paint type but many years ago we used to use a cup of kerosene in the final rinse bucket of water when rinsing down the car.


In Tanzania when we had a visiting dignitary coming , the car was sometimes given a going over with furniture polish ,which made it very shiny but only for a very short time.


keep up your good works.


I may be back in Tanzania next year , not sure of timing , but would like to catch up.

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