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I am a new member and have come back to Street Bikes after 13 years of Moto Cross.

If anyone in the Los Angeles Area needs an interesting Wednesday evening, I would suggest Industry Hills Speedway in City of Industry. It is at Pacific Palms Resort (used to be the Sheraton Hotel up on the hill) on Azusa Ave. Entrance on Temple Ave. You can check it out on Industryspeedway.com.

Bikes are 500cc on methanol, 75hp, 187lbs.

Good racing & not expensive.

Bikes park free.


Also, does anyone know which is the best windshield for a 2002 K1200RS??

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Screens are a personal issue, depending on size, and for me, temperature.

I have 4.


Aeroflow sport for very cold/wet weather. A bit of a pain to mount so I have to be convinced I'll leave it on for a good while.

Used rarely, works well.

BMW stock GT (comfort/touring for the RS).

Produces a bit of buffeting, but my helmet height is closer to 7' than 6'.

Decent in the rain/cold.

Stock RS screen, shorter than the touring version, doesn't have the flip lip.

Less cold/wet protection, but enough, IMO. I have a tinted one that matches my GT's overall scheme and it gets the most use.

Z-Tech short, looks cool, and is.

Allows the most airflow, provides a lot of "clean" air and more motorcycle "feel".

There are other options that add height and width, but, be forewarned, many times this can lead to structural damage to the windscreen struts.

There are replacement parts that correct this.

I don't care for tha appearance of the +4/+6 type screens, but many like them

Finally there is the Laminar Lip.

Many have added that to a stock screen and are happy w/the result.

Do a bit of searching and googles.

Best wishes.

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I love my Aeroflow for clean air and weather protection but I'm the first to admit that it is not the best looking option. I went with it because I'm more interested in function. With the stock screen I had a very small area where I wasn't buffeted around. The Aeroflow gives more of an RT like experience. I've come to like the look but it took some time.

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Thank you Tim and Troy. Just the kind of info that I am looking for. I am trying to avoid the buffeting, which spoils an otherwise exceptional ride.

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I just purchased the large Aeroflow, yeah it's kinda yoogly but works way better than stock and you do get used to the look, it grows on ya' and none of my friends ever say "hey gorgeous bike...Hate that screen though"!! They usually just say "Hey, gorgeous bike...How fast does it go"!! Sooooo, I think we riders are a bit more sensitive than need be considering the overall package...the GT just plain rocks in looks as well as function...ROCK ON!!

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i uSED the OEM screen with a Laminar Lip...worked perf...and a coupla screws later the Lip was off once the destination was reached and the "sport riding" started.

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