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Mr. Haynes himself . . .


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I have to disagree with Mr. Haynes about one statement... that there will never be a time when the manual is no longer needed...


Eventually VR technology will be advanced enough where you can sit next to the motorcycle (car, whatever), turn on the VR camera and have it highlight the sections that you need to work on and the steps/order in which to perform the tasks... and if you make a mistake, you can see right there where you are off a little and follow the VR image to get back to where things should be...


Yeah... long way off... but still a possibility... and whoever hits it first will open a lot of doors for home repair...


Regards -


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Dave in Doodah

Thanks for the link, Bill. By shear luck, my first Haynes manual was for a '83 R100RT and I have used a Haynes for every 2 and 4-wheeld vehicle I've worked on since... well, except for the VWs, where Bentley's is the manual of choice.

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