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Source for rebuilding OEM Mercedes shocks


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Can anyone recommend a company that can rebuild the rear struts on a 1995 Mercedes 500SEL? It has the self-leveling hydraulic suspension. Works, Wilburs, and Ohlins only seem to work on motorcycle shocks.





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If you are getting a hard ride,,It's not the shocks,,Its the hydraulic pods that go bad,,The bladder inside of them leak,,and you get fluid on both sides,,Cant compress fluid,,If you look under the rear follow the line from the shocks to the pod's,,,

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Correct. It's a fairly common problem on the cars with self-leveling rear suspension (wagons and big-engined S class) after they get some miles and years on them. That's why wagons make great tow cars, they self-level at up to 1000 lbs.

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