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Riding Around the Finger Lakes in upstate NY (Photos)

Kathy R

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Riding around the Finger Lakes near my hometown of Canandaigua, NY.


Just about every evening my brother, Bill, and I take a ride. These photos are some that I've taken on some of the rides.


No tale. Just a bunch of photos. I am very happy here.

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Thanks MB, The only bits I've added are LED signal and tail lights. I'm ready to run over a woodchuck, I am.


Thanks Paul, You and L would love it here. Come on out! I'm waiting for Ron to arrive towards the end of the week, after his UNetc trek through Eastern Canada.

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Thanks for posting the finger lakes pics Kathy. My Kath and I have had to postpone our plans of biking your way this fall so we'll have to pretend by looking at your pics. Keep them coming! If you're ever down Ithaca way would also appreciate it if you could get a pic or two of the canal between Ithaca and Penn Yan (it may have been abandoned but remnants still visible).


Glad to hear you and the weestrom are a match and that you're enjoying riding with your brother.


Paul (and Kath)

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Looks like you and your brother had fun horsing around. haha. Even though I love the Pacific northwest I still miss the Finger Lakes region. (Went to college at Cornell years ago).


Thanks for posting those beautiful photos.



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John, Nice meeting you and thank you. :wave:

Paul and Kath, I can't wait for you to visit :wave:

Rich, SHE'S BACK! :wave:

Phil, I'm so glad the photos "brought you home" so to speak. Cornell, sweet!



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