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M97 gearbox observations....


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Issue: The gearlever sometimes gently "kicks back" against your foot when changing UP from 2nd to 3rd. This is on an R1100R with only 13k on it!


So, today I did a 6k powertrain oil change on LeRoy. The engine oil was in good shape, FD was clear as a bell and the gearbox oil was slightly dark/good except for a collection of VERY small steel "grindings" on the magnetic drain plug. No golden sheen, just fine grindings.


Given this issue and a little concern on my part, I decided to add some Lucas Transmission Fix to the refill. 1/3 Lucas to 2/3 75w140 synthetic.


Rode the bike around the block for a couple of miles and noticed that the 2 to 3 shifting had improved. The next test will be a long ride but I am hoping that this will help. I notice some others on this and other boards have experienced this "kick" with the M97. I previously used the Lucas in my BMW 5speed cager (which uses ATF in the gearbox) when it had a slight seal leak and it worked really well to seal the leak plus I did notice improved shifting.


Just passing this on......will update after a few hundred miles.




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Yup! Thanks for the link but I did read this article a while back. And I always pre-load the shifter and my R1150RT with the later tranny shifts beautifully.


1 to 2 and 3 to 4 to 5 are all fine. Its just an occasional kick on the M97....hoping the Lucas TrannyFix will help. Will put a few miles on the box and let folks know the score.....

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Recently had my M94 gearbox rebuilt by Bruno. He returned it with a tube of MolySlip Manual Transmission Supplement. I added the recommended amount (1/4 tube per litre).

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