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CB Radio Advice?


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Just wondering what options there are for adding a CB to my system. I'd like something I can run through the Autocom. Don't care about bike to bike or anything fancy, but I thought having a CB for speed trap updates might be kind of nice. Anyone have a reasonable setup they're using?



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I also have been considering a CB for speed traps, weather, and traffic from truckers. Autocom has a good arguement for not using CB but says "if you must have one, use audio only, don't transmit."

Prolly right because many people on the LT site have gone thru hell trying to make a CB work........sqwacks when transmitting.

That said, I did contact Midland (their 75-822 looks like the ticket for me) and it has a 3.5mm jack for audio out to plug into the phone socket on your Autocom. All you need is a generic 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono cable (and isolator/splitter assuming your using bike power for your CB. When the bike is not running you can safely receive/transmit like any handheld...........

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That Midland 75-822 is a nice little unit. I use it in the pickup. I have brought it on the bike, but it always landed in the "never used it" pile at the end of the trip.


You may want to use a better antenna, than that rubber duck thing that comes with it.... And it seems that truckers aren't using as much as they used to - gps, cell phones, satellite systems, radar detectors, etc. are all killing the CB.


But I'm no expert, so please, correct me if I'm wrong

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I have seen several of this type of CB on LD rider's bikes. Both at the IBR, and the MN1k. This is the type of set up the Marty Leir used on his winning IBR ride in 2007. I am currently an AutoCom user, but if I was setting up my rally bike and didn't already have an AutoComm I would consider the J&M set up. It is spendy, but every body that has one seems to be very happy with it.

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I have the J&M 2003 CB/amp/weather/intercom and it has worked without problems for three years. Using a Garmin 550 Zumo with it I have all of that plus GPS,MP3, and XM weather and radio. I could still connect a Radar to the J&M if I used one. Between the J&M and the Zumo everything is prioritized. The stereo sound is very good and easily adjusted for volume on the handlebar. No Autocom was used. Just another way of using a functional, reliable CB radio. It's really nice when with other riders that have factory installed CBs as well as the truckers that can provide a lot of advance warning on developing road issues. The J&M also provides NOAA weather broadcasts when they are available. All of this is easily transferable to another bike when the time comes.

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Geez... I just mentioned this on another thread... (wrong place too probably)...


Have several friends that use JMs... yea, they drive Harley's, but totally happy with the JM CBs and typically coordinate their rides via a different channel from most other traffic in the area...


There appear to be a ton of attachments for anything you want to add to the CB... and from what I have seen... the JM appears to be one of the better solutions even if it IS underpowered... ie... 4 watts... )))


no comment on what I had in my car back in 1974... back when I had to have a license to operate a CB...


Regards -


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You can find many solutions and "attempts" on the BMWLT.com site.

Seems it related to antenna and shielding the mass of electronic noise from BMW's...................

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