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How Many People Will Come?


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Your guess is as good as mine on total attendees, but here's another question: If we assume around 200 people actually attending, how many people do you think will order T-Shirts? I don't think attendance should be a qualifier for ordering a shirt? Any feelings on that?

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Better check with FB on that one, but as I recall, way more than half ordered t-shirts. But we have SOOO much time before the event, there's no reason you can't wait to place the t-shirt order until everyone has ordered and paid.


If you would, keep in the back of your mind that I'd like to sell BMWRT.com stuff, too, so perhaps shirts and stickers can be on the same order form, if that's okay.

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I'll go with 235

(is this like Let's Make a Deal...and if it's 234 I lose?)


I agree with the idea that anyone on the DB can order a shirt, but I doubt it will be popular with folks who aren't in attendance. It won't have the meaning.

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Yeeha! Stephen

David & David,


FYI- T-shirts... In Gunnison, there were many people that asked for shirts at the sign-up table and wanted to be put on the waiting list for any extras that FB might have had. I had about 30 write-ins even after I told them there would probably be only about a half a dozen.


Some people even wished they had asked for 2, after they saw them in person.


Also we had several people wanting one that were not on the board, but heard about the Unrally through the grapevine at Paonia and made the show. Also had a couple of Harley guys, that were friends of attendees, that wanted one.


May want to keep that in mind when the time comes.


Attendees: I kept some of the notes from Gunny. There were 125 signed Rider waivers, 135 signed up for Pizza night, & 120 signed up for BBQ night- Not counting the guest family.


If that helps any.


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Weather permitting, I think 200-225 is reasonable. Given population densities of the east vs. west, I'm sure there are a greater number of members within a day's ride of the Springs than within a day of Gunnison.


As for the T-shirts, I let anyone and everyone order them (especially since I had to sell 160 in order to get the price I'd quoted and sold upon). When you set your price, be sure to include another $2-3/shirt for unknowns (like bags, help folding, UPS-ing the whole thing to The Springs, etc), plus make sure your shipping costs are also included in the overall price for those who aren't coming and want the shirts shipped to their homes. I found I could send one shirt for USPS Priority Mail for $3.85 (up to one pound) anywhere in the lower 48, but once it got above one pound it goes by weight and zone. So for me, two shirts to San Diego cost a lot less to ship than two shirts to PA. It all has to be averaged. I tried $4 per shirt, but that ended up forcing me to use a bit of the leftover funds from the $2-3 bump I mentioned above. In the end I had about $60 left over which I used to buy sheet cakes so we could all celebrate Karen Knapp's Birthday during our last meal as a group.


Anothyer thing to consider is stickers. They're surprisingly expensive if you get them in reflective material and don't order a ton. So 2-300 could end up costing you $1.75 - $2 each. Then you have to coordinate the simultaneous arrival of the T-shirts and stickers at your house so you can bag them together, label the bag with the recipient's name, and pack them all to ship to the rally site. There will be leftover stickers which have to go with the leftover T-shirts, to those who purchased them but will not be attending the rally.


Just think it through, play devil's advocate with the whole situation, and see what could possibly go wrong. The cover your tush beforehand.


If you've got questions, I'm available.

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I'm sorry, did I say I'd take care of T-Shirts? Was that me? I hate when I do that... laugh.giflaugh.gif


I'm not too worried yet. but I'll definitely pick your brain for some more detial when we get a little closer. My current plan is to ship a bunch down to Un2 for attendees and any individual shipping will be done after the rally. I just wanted to get a rough count so I can negotiate price. So I'm guessing about 250 - 300 at this point.


Anyone know who has the artwork for the BMWRT.com logo??? I could just recreate it, but then everyone will get mad when their shirts say "BWMRT.com" wink.gif

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Me thinks we will have 180-220 riders. I think you will have more folks on the board order shirts as well. For example, last year I bought two shirts. This year I'm buying at least four. Btw, it's 70 degrees and sunny; just like it was yesterday. smile.gif

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The BMWRT.com logo is on Mike Walker's computer at MW Design here in SoCal. Unfortunately, he just bought a 120-gig external drive and downloaded all his smaller drives onto that one. He used it less than a week, went to do a backup, and it crashed. Now it's out at one of those hard-drive rescue places where after some $3,000 in work, we'll know what's salvageable and what isn't. Same goes for all the Torrey artwork, although I do have the sleeve art (as a PDF, I think), and the original 25mb photo from the front of the shirt. But the title work and all the woodgrain behind it, etc. is on Mike's hard drive. Let's hope it comes out OK.

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