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Having problems...


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First I will say I am not good at expressing sounds a bike maybe making...so that I apologize for..So away we go.......


Noticing some starting problems lately on my 05 R1150R...


Push starter button and starter motor engages but may not fire motor on first try...Try again and the starer motor or engine makes a terrible clunck sound before it starts motor...motor may or may not backfire... (this entire sequence may or may not happen each time)...


Next.....When the bike finally starts running the bike may or may not cut out one me until warm even with choke lever open.


When running bike runs very well except a slight hesitation when rolling on the throttle quickly after backing off the throttle...



Last problem....Never heard this on my bike before...When I stopped Sunday to fill up the tank...When I unlocked the gas tank the tank sounded like I had released a vaccumm when it was opened....



Any suggestions on these problems are welcomed... By the was a full service was done on this bike less than 2000 miles ago including valve adj. and throttle body sync.

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Bill, not sure this is your only problem but one of your problems sounds like you have a plugged emission evap canister,, or a plugged or pinched fuel tank vent.. Either of the mentioned will not allow proper fuel tank venting & therefore won’t allow proper fuel flow to the injection system..


I guess repair the fuel tank venting first then see if you still have starting or engine running problems..


If you are tree hugger type the you might need to spend a fair amount of money replacing your evap system canister (black can hanging off the rear of the bike).. If you are not a tree hugger type then you can simply remove the evap system & route the tank vent directly to atmosphere.. Some countries didn’t require that evap can so some BMW’s came as original without it..




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Seems likely there are several things going in here, so I’ll try to address at least a couple of them…


Starter noise – Not uncommon for the bendix ass’y on these starters to get sticky. Usually a disassembly of the starter, clean up and lub is all that is needed.


Backfire on start (or any other closed throttle) – True backfide (very rare) in the intake system, or afterfire "pop" in the exhaust? Does the bike have an OEM exhaust system? If so, an improperly set/trained TPS is the first place to look. Combined with a general good tune up. If it has aftermarket exhaust, all bets are off.


Cut out after start up – Is the idle (slow and fast) RPMs correct? If not, address the idle speed issue first. If so, see comment above on the TPS.


Hesitation on roll on – Could be a bunch of things, start with the above (including a good valve adjustment) and go from there.


Vacuum in tank – Occasional is normal, consistently is indicative of a tank vent issue. Charcoal canister issue, purge valve issue, blocked line, something along that line.


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Some countries didn’t require that evap can so some BMW’s came as original without it


All countries outside of the USA don't require it...



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