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Seven Hours, Warehouse To My House


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I just had to share this with you all. If it sounds like a plug, well, "I have no connection or interest in..blahh, blahh blahh blahh, blahh blahh blahh..."


(standard disclaimer)


I know that some of you buy hardware from McMaster-Carr. When I used to manage the Instrument Shop at Northwestern University, I did about $20-$30,000 of business with them every year. Their prices were usually reasonable but sometimes a little steep. That I almost always found what I needed was certainly part of my reason for dealing with them, instead of wasting time searching other vendors, a quick look in the well-designed McMaster-Carr catalog would almost always yield what I needed in a matter of minutes. Finally, their lightning fast delivery was phenomenal. Usually, I would place my order just before I went home at 5:00 pm. About 98% of the time, it would arrive with UPS the next day at 10:00 am. A few times, I realized I made a mistake and called them back about 15 minutes later, to be told "I'm sorry sir, that has already shipped. If you would like, I can take your additional order and give you a 'returned goods' number, just send it back to us for credit." Wow.


Today, I made an online order with them from home at about 10:00 am, confident that I would receive it in a day or two. At 4:50 pm, UPS Man rang my doorbell. Seven hours. Same day, seven hours. McMaster-Carr is 40 miles away. With Chicago rush hour traffic and a ripped up tollway, had I chosen to pick it up, it probably would have taken me at least 3 or 4 hours to do so.


Seven hours. Seven hours. Seven....Man, all businesses should run that well.

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Joe Frickin' Friday
I know that some of you buy hardware from McMaster-Carr.


Loyal customer here. Their website is fantastic, their selection amazing, and their swiftness of delivery is indeed mind-blowing. I buy stuff at home for random projects as well as for the Mojo, and they are also very popular at work. Policy at work forbids us from exclusively/excessively patronizing one vendor - we're supposed to "spread the wealth around," even if other vendors suck - and that's a source of considerable frustration for us. :(

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I use them all the time (work and home) and have never been let down. They could certainly teach some other companies about efficiancy. They have spoiled me rotten. Which is glaringly obvious when I get stuck waiting 1-3 weeks for parts from BMW :dopeslap:

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I always had to lock up the Catalog before I went home in the evening - years ago. Their web catalog is incredible.


I have never heard anyone say McMaster did not have what they needed.



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Mmmmmmm tool porn Ahhhhh



How did man ever survive without the big yellow book (and now on the internet)????

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McMaster's claim to fame is a versatile catalog with ready-to-ship local or branch whse supply stock. As a former procurement guy, a constant challenge was to convince design engineers not to specify designs pointing to McM catalog but instead use that for prototyping, then specify commercial equivalent or MIL spec. McMaster serves industry well, IMO...

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Can I get an Italian Beef sammy from them?


+1 :thumbsup:


And I also wished they shipped pizza!


Yes, I know that Lou's and Taste of Chicago does.... but if Mcmaster car could do it overnight!



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Well, I had an experience SOMEWHAT like that a few months ago. Here's the Reader's Digest version:


I found a product I liked (two actually - backpack-like child carriers for hauling the twins around). Backcountry.com had them (they are basically "local" to me so I buy from them a lot and no matter the shipping method, stuff arrives the next day), but they were nearly 60% more than another online place (not including Utah sales tax) I stumbled across. So I ordered from the somewhat unknown "other place" selecting their free shipping option but not forking out the extra $5 for rush handling.


The kid carriers arrived on my doorstep nearly exactly 80 hours from the time I hit the "submit" button.


Now, that's not especially interesting as getting something from one coast to the other in the USA in 3.5 days is nothing to write home about (unless it's UPS ground shipping...) However, the kid carriers I purchased came from Wiggle in the UK.


London to Utah in 80 hours to me was quite impressive for their cheapest (free) shipping option - especially considering how bad US customs can be at times.


(FWIW, some of the price discrepancy came from the weak Pound at the time.)

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I aks some guys in engineering who makes such and such component like vacuum hoses, various fittings, etc. Their response "I don;t know, I just ordered it throuhg master-carr"



I've used them for more than a few home projects. it's one of the only places that charges reasonable shipping rates for what you order... and yes, the delivery is very prompt.

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