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Announcing The Date And Gathering Place


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[start quick aside here]color=blue>

While we were at Iron Horse, we blocked the entire place for the October dates as we anticipated that would be the winner (sneaky bastages, ain't we? wink.gif). The Vulcan Riders Owners Club (VROC) has scheduled their gathering on the weekend prior to our arrival, so rooms at the Iron Horse will start to open up on Sunday night for early BMWRT arrivals.


Once we announce the site and place this week, you can bet the phone lines will get lit up over there. Being the chivalrous persons that we are, neither Emmerson, Kathy, nor I pre-reserved any rooms for ourselves. YOU (as members of this fine planning forum) may wish to ignore our un-lead, and secure a room if you want to stay where the action is. The rooms are as they appear on their site, and are fairly cozy. There's not many of them, and they'll go fast.[end quick aside]color=blue>


The Announcement

We are going to create an all-access UnRally in Eureka Springs Forum tomorrow. We'll move the vote threads in there, and everything publicly related to the Un2 will have a happy home. I will then post a thread concerning the date and gathering place.


DB has offered to create a separate website for potential content that a forum cannot facilitate. We're talking pictures, hotlinks to helpful information, downloadable GPS ride-routes, Adobe maps, pay-pals for T-shirts orders, registration and dinner polls, etc - whatever we want.


David - tell us how you want the information, and we'll go to work on getting it to you. Everyone game?color=red>


For the announcement thread this week, I'd like to list some hotel/motel names that were close to the Iron Horse and let the members make their own arrangements. Unless you guys think there should be more to that thread in terms of info, I think the rest can wait for the website. Please let me know! There's plenty of time, but members will likely have some accomodation anxiety!


BTW, one of the dynamics that I hope are different with this UnRally is the opportunity for spouses and SOs to participate in big numbers. ES is a great place for that to happen.


How's that for a plan?

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Jake Said: "How's that for a plan? "


My hat is off to you Jake, you are doing a tremendous job...er...ah...would you have any time left over for us for some Mayhem organizing? wink.gif


Thanks for Unrally 2

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Great Job and thanks for the quick aside. It being 9:30P on the left coast, I'll have to wait until 6AM Wed. morning to make my reservation. If you see this before then, which of the rooms would you suggest? Do most have two beds? I'll prolly be needing to share in order to keep expenses down if I fly in, so I'd like to get the right type of room. Any info would be appreciated.

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We were able to peek in on a couple of rooms while we were there. They do have some with 2 beds, and others with a bed and a sleeper sofa.


Uniquely, attached to their "main" office (loose term... rustic applies here) is a suite of three rooms with separate entrances. While I did not get a real good look at them, they were connected by a short hallway run from the office section. A group of riders were there when we arrived, and it appeared that they were running the place. Evidently, the owners consider tenants as family once they arrive (open doors, fend for yourself, anything you want just take).


This suite area could serve well as HQ for a small group willing to share space and bunk up, but due to it's size, these are the most expensive rooms. In case of rain, you can bet a chunk of the party would move there until the wee hours of the morning.


Mention the BMWRT group to them, and be persistent until they remember! The owners are Phil Jackson and his wife Jeannie. Jeannie is a peach, and she runs the place.


BTW, it looks like Phil won his election.

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Thanks for the heads up. Talked with Phil just now and he won 60/40 - pretty happy right now. I've got a reservation for the Blue Room in the main house with the idea that in case of rain, there will be a place for some sleeping bags etc.


BTW, the phone number on their site is incorrect. So, when you post this to the group, the phone is 479-253-0440.


My plans: Travel Sat and Sun to arrive on 10/5 - Leave Friday 10/10.


Since I'm going to be arriving early, I may be useful in some setup operations. That is between some scouting rides smile.gif

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Jake, Every step of the way, you prove that David did the right thing in handing you the reins for UN2. I'm thinking about making my reservation at the Motel 6 that you and Kathy stayed in as I'm a local. I want as many people from out of state to be at the Iron Horse, because I think they will love it. Keep up the good work. smile.gif

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That was noble of you Emerson.


I talked to Valerie the bookeeper. Susan is "the full time gal" and is handling things this week while Jeanie is away. I snapped up "the girly room" (not nearly as noble). I'll be arriving on Saturday and leaving for Falling Leaf on Friday.

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Jake, I didn't have time to post this morning after making my reservation, so here it is. I done got it. Once all those who want to heed the head's up do so, let 'er fly.

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