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Tower Services Any Recommendations?


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Well, the free three year roadside assistance service which came with my 2006 R1200RT is set to expire early September. I just received a letter from BMW Motorrad USA offering their Roadside Assistance Plan for $35.00 per year. I also have the option of upgrading my BMW Motorcycle Owners of America membership to a "Premium" level for an extra $26.00 which also covers roadside assistance. I don't really care about the slight difference in price, but I would like a good plan which is there when needed, particlualry in the western third of the USA, which is where I normally ride.


So any comments, pro or con, about either of these plans, or any other plan, would be appreciated.

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I have BMWMOA Platinum coverage and have used their tow service twice. Both breakdowns involved a dead bike..Hall Effect Sensor related. Quick, efficient and pleased with the service. Beyond tow coverage, keep in mind you can use the "tow" service of members who have trailers in the Anonymous book.

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