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Doing the Dragon - 2009


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After two years, I returned to the Tennessee/North Carolina mountains from Houston to ride the Dragon again. I rode a Kawasaki Vulcan the last time and was less that pleased with its performance in the twisties as I kept dragging my footpegs. That was scary.


This year I rode my 96 RT with 42k on the speedometer. The difference was day and night as the RT seemed to be asking for ever tighter turns and steeper lean angles. I pulled to the side of the road on two occasions in 11 miles to wait for my brother on his Harley Heritage Classic. I still get a thrill just thinking about riding those great roads.


The ride report can be found at:


Riding the Dragon

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Mighty Manfred

Most excellent report! It's great to see such a young guy making that kind of trip :clap: Terrific pix and a very good write-up.


I rode the Dragon's Tail and the Skyway a couple years back, bringing a "new" bike home from D.C. to Houston. Big Solo Ride

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Fantastic report and great pictures. You did some pretty fine roads in the area. I am sure that doing it with your brother made it all the more special.


Thanks for sharing,


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I am sure that doing it with your brother made it all the more special.


My brother and I haven't spent much time together in the past 50 years as careers and life in different states has made getting together, for more than a week or two at a time, difficult. Getting together now, just the two of us alone, somehow adds a little something special to our vacations.


Thanks to all for your kind comments.



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good for you being able to spend some time with your brother. My older brother (and riding partner) passed away some time ago. And although my younger brother rides, he'd get served with divorce papers if he was ever more than 10 minutes away from his wife.



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