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Flyin' in to Chi-Town


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Hello in Chicago!


My S/O, Terri, is attending the American Library Association (ALA) Conference next week and weekend. So, I'm tagging along simply because we spent 5 days there a couple years ago for the Blues Fest and found we love Chicago.


Most of my days will be free since Terri will be busy with the conference most days we're both there (Sat-Wed). So, I was thinking it'd be nice to meet up with a few of you Chicago folks just to put faces to the names and make the world shrink just a tad for a few days.


I'm flyin' into Saturday well before noon, but I wouldn't expect to get to the Hotel (Silversmith) and ready to go anywhere until after 1:00pm. Anyone up for meeting for a beer or lunch imfamous Chicago joint Sat, or perhaps one of the other days before I leave Wed morn?

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Hey Craig, stop by Chi BMW for me and see if my GS parts are finally @#$%@$%@ there, would you? :wave:

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Ya know ... that's not completely out of the question. I'll probably hit the el and do some exploring. Maybe I'll head up north.

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Marty Hill



If you go by CHIBMW say hi to Mark in parts and Mike in sales for me. Tell Mark I said it was ok to ship Matt's parts now. :thumbsup:

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