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Boxers in the NYTimes!


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"GRACEFUL proportions and well-rounded performance may be enough to clinch a sale for many vehicles, but for some enthusiasts those qualities will never be enough.


BMW's Boxer Twins It takes attractions of a more mechanical nature — the catlike reflexes of a rear-engine Porsche, the distinctive howl of a Ferrari V-12 or the turbine smoothness of a Mazda rotary — to persuade these shoppers to open wallets.


Such is the case with buyers of BMW motorcycles powered by the flat-twin “boxer” engine design that has been a brand attribute since the 1920s. The horizontal cylinders make for an appealingly logical layout — placed 180 degrees to each another, they jut out into the cooling air flow on either side of the bike — that exerts an enduring hold on owners."


Owning a /2 and a hexhead myself, I can relate to the guy.



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Nice story. Having not entered the BMW world in the early 80's, I didn't realize BMW had tried to phase out the boxer. Very nice story, thanks for posting it.



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That was a great photojournalist shot. Very compelling, scary, and funny all at the same time, along with terrific scenery to boot.

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