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Side stand fix difficult?


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Anyone remove their sidestand mount plate? I think it involves removing the center stand and wondered how difficult it is and how to prop the bike up with no centerstand. was on a ride and put my stand down, let the bike rest on it and the side stand bracket snapped and bike fell over. its a 02 1150RTP, thanks

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The sidestand/centrestand mount is not difficult to remove. The hardest part is removing the return springs.

You'll certainly have to take some care in supporting the bike. I have a stand that uses the front axle and supports the forks with the front wheel removed.

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The hardest part is removing the return springs.


Start with the stand (side or center) deployed. Then slip pennies and/or dimes in between the coils of the spring. As I recall 10 or twelve is about the right number for those springs. Then retract the stand. The spring is then fairly easy to remove with vise grips. I suppose for those in other countries, there would be some similar sized coin that would work, or you could find flat washers of an appropriate thickness.

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This actually works much better if you use German pfennigs. BMW sanctioned american pennies are an adequet substitute.


I'm sure BMW will sell you 25 of them for $20.

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You will need to use these for the spring. You can get them in sets of 10 for just 12 Euros which is

16.70 USD

19.47 CAD

21.16 AUD

26.57 NZD




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Okay got the broken bracket replaced I didnt have to remove the center stand to do it, thanks to all for their two cents :) BTW the dime thing worked great!

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