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I'd like to try a shorter windshield on my 04 K/GT, but really don't want to drop a couple hundred bucks just to try it. Would someone happen to have a short windshield such as the one for the RS that they don't have mounted that could be borrowed for a few days. More than willing to pay te shipping both ways. Or if there is someone with an RS in the WY or Northern CO area that wouldn't mind meeting up so I could try one with the different wind screen.

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I really wish I could help you out. For what it's worth I had a 03 GT. The std windshield was noisy as all heck.. I tried the standard height Vtechnik Vstream which was a significant improvement....then I bought a short Vstream for the summer... Wow! I loved that short shield! Far less air noise, more cooling air flow... it was the best.

My experience is that shorter is better. I am not the only 03/04 GT rider who says that. Go ahead and order a short shield for yourself...the risk is very low that you won't realize some benefit.

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Some of the windshield mfgr's are offering "try before you by" thru loacal dealers. Go to the mfgr's website and they will have a list of participating dlrs, hopefully one in your area. Cee Baileys and Z Technik are two that come to mind.

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