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Wrong Way Round - Robot R1200GSA rider!


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How cool is this?!




...and all in aid of a great cause. The robot robot will be travelling the 'wrong way round' (facing the wrong way, get it? ) with Graham Merrick on a 5 day fund raising ride from John O'Groats to Cape Cornwall this August. Graham is aiming to raise £5000 for Enduro Africa.


Find out what Graham Merrick is up to to raise funds for the charity Enduro Africa - it involves a lot of riding, a BMW R1200GSA and a robot (that's not a typo, yes, a ROBOT!):

Wrong way round....motorcycle charity fund raising event


Riders are invited to join them (he will be travelling with his friend Ian Underwood aka COGS) on various stages of the trip....find out more on Grahams website, where you can also donate towards the cause.





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John, Northeast Florida

You usually don't see a profile of the 'Terminator' but that's what I would guess he'd look like. What's the robot constructed of? Plastic, balsa, magnesium???? Gotta be lightweight, but certainly an eye-opener. Now, your restrictive gun laws could hamper this, but would be neat if Mr. Roboto could raise a handgun (mock of course) at all that tailgate!

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Graham is aiming to raise £5000 for Enduro Africa.



I wonder what the robot costs?

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A bit more info about the robot, I'll find out more when I get a chance....

It's made mainly of car parts from the scrappies, dash boards, consol's, door handle plates, air boxes etc etc. Anything plastic to keep the weight down. It was built by a friend of Grahams, Nick Fielding of Cyberstein Robots, you might have seen one of their previous creations, Titan. I don't think it will have cost much being made of what it is and done as a favour' by a friend.


Titan the Robot Singing Muse Song


More Titan vids here (news clips, TV appearances, events etc):


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