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1150RT Fog Lamp Question


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This isn't terribly important to me, but on the other hand, I like to have everything work. And this is, one (right side) of the two fog lamp bulbs burned out. There seems to be a dearth of data on where/how to replace the bulbs. I think I've found where the bulbs are (under a rubber boot), and I can get the boot off, but no way to get to the bulb.


If anyone has a suggestion short of removing the front fairing, which I will only do at the point of a gun, I would welcome it.




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John, do you have radio speakers in that bike? If so it is a REAL pain to access those fog lights.. If no radio speakers you can reach them with a some little contortions & effort.. I usually remove the mirror on the side I am working on to get a better look in there..


Lots of different approaches to removing those fog light bulbs so instead of a lot of typing on my part..


My suggestion is to use the search function (use advanced search) on this site to research the many approaches to getting to those fog light bulbs..


Use the term “fog lights” (use the quotes around like shown) in the keyword search Terms,, set the search to 3 & years & search only the oilhead forum.. Lots of info there..





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Urban Surfer

I can't help you with installation of the bulbs, those tiny things are really a pain for me.

May I recommend Osram amber bulbs as a replacement. They made a world of difference in traffic.(I nerver turn them off)

Since replacing the stock bulbs, I have had much fewer close encounters especailly the left turn situations.

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Thanks. Yeah, I forgot to mention the speakers. If not there, then would have been undifficult. Will see what I can find.



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I find it easiest to remove the horn, it gives more access.

Once in there, thre is a spring clip to release and the bulb drops down on its wire. Fit the new bulb to the wire being careful not to touch the evelope with your fingers (I wear mechanics gloves). I then maneouvre the lamp into place and hold it up with a screwdriver. This leaves room to get your hand in and refit the spring. A real pain in the rear.

Oh, I do all of this lying on my back reaching up from below.

I will soon be doing this again, except it will be HID globes that go in there.



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der Wanderer
I will soon be doing this again, except it will be HID globes that go in there.


Now you are talking ;)


I was contemplating doing the same thing - but not sure if it could be done (and if it could, how). Any words of wisdom (or as luck may have it in my case, famous last words)?

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