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light front end


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(sarcasm) Uh, no, but less right throttle will. Hellloooooooo, you're on a GT!!


(Seriously) Yes it can. If your rear preload is too soft, the weight transfer to the rear can be more than enough to create this feeling. It also can be from too much rebound which causes 'packing' to occur, or too much compression damping which can cause the bike to skip over pavement irregularities.


Can you give us a detailed description of the when/where/how and we can try to help out some more.

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The issue was on recent trip from NY to CO and around CO, then home. I am kicking myself now for no adjusting and knowing better along the way. No excuses that that, only punishment was dealing with it in various conditions. The real big issue was high cross winds, passing truckers at speed with those same cross winds. As well as all those great twisties I feel like got the best of me.


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Will the pre-load setting help with a very light feeling front end?


Hope so...

Keep us posted.


One of the many reasons I sold my '08 GT was lack of road feel from the front end.



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