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Schuberth/Autocom story


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I mentioned I got me a Schuberth C3 helmet last week and that I was really happy with it, didn't I?

When I fitted the helmet (twice!) it turned out I needed a size 'S" and that made a world of difference, when riding.


Well, I was happy... BUT.... it hurt like hell after a while, because my ears got crushed by the hard Autocom speakers after a while.



I had them built in for me this time, instead of doing it myself, thinking that it was the smarter thing to do, especially with such a VERY expensive helmet.


Hmmm... maybe not.

So I took out the lining and tried to wriggle the speakers... no joy.... stuck as if glued!


Called the workshop today and asked them how they fixed the speakers...".. we usually fixed them with Velcro".

Yeah right.

These look like they're glued !

"... Ummm... SOMETIMES we glue them, yes".


And no, thank you,I am NOT going to ride all the way out there again for a THIRD time to get this fixed. Bye!


So I carefully started wriggling a screwdriver underneath and in the end got both speakers out. Sure enough they have Velcro on them by default, and the idiots had put glue OVER the Velcro.

In addition they had NOT deepened the space in the styropor sides, so the hard plastic (rather big) speakers were just glued upon the helmet sides.


No wonder my ears were located INSIDE my skull after two hours riding like this !


I took an old solder iron and have carefully melted the styropor, making the holes a LOT deeper. The speakers are now flush with the helmet sides and all is well.


Although the chin strap sorta cuts into my throat when I (try to) look down. Must see if anything can be changed about that too.

But now at least I don not feel ANYTHING anymore and can really enjoy riding this quiet and above all non-moving helmet !! :dopeslap:

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From what I remember while fitting the Autocom microphone to the C3 there were cutouts for the speakers in the styrofoam (as we call it). Maybe they were not big enough for the speakers? Not sure as I now only use earphones and did not bother with the speakers from my old helmet.


I've heard others having the same complaint about the chinstrap but I have not had this experience. There are loops in the helmet that the chinstraps pass through to hold it back, perhaps this contributes to the discomfort.


My major issue is that the visor keeps slamming shut in windy conditions as the detents are not strong enough to keep it open. Other than that overall it's a great helmet and especially lightweight for its size.

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THAT's IT !! The special 'keep the helmet on' system! I saw it in the manual and had to take one of the straps off in order to be able to work on the helmet. Yes,it pulls the chinstrap backwards of course..... Releasing it will of course defeat its purpose, but hey ! I'm gonna try it....


And yes, there are indents in the styrofoam (thank you) but they are much too shallow and more there to show the PLACE of the speakers than to accommodate them.


Thanks for the tip ! I knew it was good for something to write this story !! :grin:

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