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Rear Brake Lose


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I was riding in the rain the other week and noticed my rear brakes getting spongy. I thought I had got some air in the system somehow so I proceeded to bleed them. I have bled many a brakes and I found that there was quite a bit of air in the system. I have never broken any lines loose since purchasing the bike last Sept. 08. I was never able to get the air out and NOW I have no rear brakes. I'm totally beside myself as to how the air got in the system in the first place and how major of a job it is going to be to get it fixed. I am a pretty good mechanic there are just some things the books don't tell you. I'm thinking the rear master cyclinder crapped out on me. Do any of my brothers have any suggestions? I'm talking to you Sean???? or any of my other BRR III guys or gals.......HELP!!!!!

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Don't get your undies in too much of a bundle :thumbsup:.


Did you also bleed your brakes from the ABS module? If you didn't take off your tank and bleed it through using the the ABS module bleeder as well.


Given the age of your bike, you should check the rubber tubing FROM your rear brake reservoir for cracks/leaks and also the flexible rubber brake hoses. Also Check that all brake pipe fittings are cinched up correctly

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I have checked the plumbing and everything looks OK. It probably is just the ABS side of it. I read a thread earlier and there was quite a bit of discussion about whether or not you had to go through the ABS side of the system. I'll work it this weekend and let you know.

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Well, I worked on the bike this weekend and took all the tupperware off to gain access to the ABS bleeder. Started with the process and seemed to get a good bite of air fromthe system. So I proceeded to the rear brakes and ended up using an entire pint of brake fluid and still didn't get all the air out of the system. The brake is not quit as bad as it was but it still not right. Understand I have never broken any of the brake line loose on this bike. I have no fluid lose and all hose and pipes look to be in good shape. I have brembro calipers and the bleeder is in the correct position(on the top, most upper area). I am fit to be tied as to how much air got into the system. I still have front brakes so the bike is drivable. Any suggestions or insite into this matter would greatly appreciated.

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